We are a development centre and our mission is to optimize and support our clients’ applications.

A World to Develop

Our Mission

Improve tomorrow’s world by creating innovative solutions for private and public organizations so that they are more efficient, productive and capable of meeting their business needs and community challenges.

What is important for us?

Creativity and Innovation: this is what drives us.

Collaboration and Sharing: Ideas, discussions, comparisons, debates. It is by sharing the best from each of us that we can succeed as a team.

Agility and Action: Developing ideas and putting them to work while remaining agile and adapting to the results we achieve.

Skills and Development: Training, mentoring, ideas, and opinions: We strive on a wealth of information and team spirit which help everyone grow professionally.

We believe that sharing information and ideas, supported by a collaborative team atmosphere are solid foundations for innovation.

Our Clients

We work with IBM and LGS clients from different growing industries in Quebec and in Canada. Clients include private businesses, crown corporations, and governments that are looking to improve, innovate and go beyond where they are today. For all these clients, we are working on multiple exciting projects. Take a look at what our clients think of us.

We develop solutions improving our clients’ efficiency and capacity to grow.

Our Extended Family

We are part of LGS who is a subsidiary of IBM, the most powerful IT company in the world: thousands of patents, several Nobel Prizes and a culture that is marked by innovation and technological leadership.

CIC Montreal is part of IBM Globally Integrated Capability Network that consists of tens of thousands of professionals. IBM utilizes state of the art tools and processes to create a more efficient distribution of workload, more consistent delivery outcomes and to drive productivity improvements and value for IBM clients. IBM's Global Delivery Services help clients solve complex IT challenges through staffing optimization and continuous innovation.

Partnering with CIC Montreal means that you become a member of the largest IT company in the world.

Our Social Commitment

We are involved and engaged with Centraide, Leucan, Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, Défi entreprises, with the IBM-LGS Employees’ Charitable Fund as well as with the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition.

It is important for us to give back to the community.

A young and dynamic team, a friendly leadership team who is listening, a promising outlook in training and career path, a company with big ambitions: what more could you ask for?

Sandra Gouadjio, Senior SAP Functional Analyst

Sandra Gouadjio Photo
The CIC is a working environment which provides coaching and development opportunities for all.

Mathieu Larocque, Programmer Analyst

Sandra Gouadjio Photo
The CIC has allowed me to get my first Canadian experience, I am proud to belong to this team and to have the support of more experienced people.

Arianna Ramos, SAP Data Conversion Analyst

Arianne Ramos Photo
The CIC means a career plan, training and the opportunity to develop my skills.

Rizk Saad, Oracle Development Team Leader

Rizk Saad Photo
The CIC is an excellent opportunity to continue my career in Canada, with a great team, and an open leadership team aiming to grow together, yes, you read well, together. I cannot be happier, I think it's great!

Claudia Santos Vellojin, SAP Functional Analyst

Sandra Gouadjio Photo
The CIC is a team of young professionals, a collaborative environment where opportunities for advancement abound.

Emmrick Louis, SAP Quality Assurance Analyst

Emmrick Louis Photo
The CIC is built around several IT skills, from junior to senior, in a project-based environment, with training, teamwork, flexibility, and a collegial atmosphere. We all share a common goal: customer satisfaction.

Benjamin Yao, SAP Team Leader

Benjamin YAO Photo