We love people that are creative, innovative, and enthusiastic: All these talented people who are full of ideas.

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Like you, we believe that work should be enjoyable, inspiring and enable us to progress

A Career at the CIC Montreal

By joining CIC Montreal, you are part of an innovative team working on interesting projects for prestigious clients. Our business model is based on hiring recent graduates and young professionals who are mentored by more experienced colleagues. You will benefit from training, mentoring and a career path over several years which will help you to grow professionally.

Why join us?

A Stimulating Career

  • A personalized training program which spans over several years to further develop your skills.
  • Mentoring from more experienced employees.
  • Major projects for global customers.
  • CIC Montreal is part of the worldwide network of IBM Client Innovation Centres, and of the most innovative IT company in the

A Dynamic Environment

  • A dynamic environment right in the heart of the Montreal Innovation District.
  • Ergonomic offices inspired by the latest trends.
  • A work environment which values collaboration and sharing of ideas
    between colleagues.
  • A flexible working environment which is innovative, stimulating and full of challenges.
  • Offices are accessible by public transportation to downtown Montreal.

Your Training

Your training is specific to your profile, your professional development and your business practice. Every year, you will have several days of training which will enable you to increase your knowledge and help you advance in your career path.

By joining CIC Montreal, you will benefit from several days of training per year.

Your Mentoring

During your first 3 months at CIC Montreal, you have the support of a mentor who answers your questions, helps you in your on-boarding and acts as a professional mentor. Subsequently, as you advance in the organization, you will have the opportunity to become a mentor for new employees.

We promote mutual help and knowledge transfer among our team members.

Your Career Path

Your career path will span over several years and allow you to climb up the ladder at CIC Montreal. Depending on your training, performance and responsibilities, you will advance in your career at your pace. Our process is simple and clear, and thanks to it, your professional development is in your hands.

At CIC Montreal, you develop your potential by expanding your knowledge,
skills and experience.

Our commitments to our employees

  • A collaborative, pleasant and motivating work environment.
  • State of the art tools and processes to help you develop your expertise, skills and potential.
  • Collaboration and help from other CIC employees.
  • Constant feedback
  • Challenges which will enable you to use 100% of your abilities.
  • Mentoring, yearly training, and an individualized career path.
  • An employer who is ethical, respectful and innovative.
  • A full benefits program
  • A group RRSP and TFSA programs.
  • Programs which allow employees to purchase stocks, computers and cellular plans.
  • An employee assistance program.
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